About Us

What is Fashion Elite’s Goal?



Fashion Elite’s goal is to be a beacon of light directing you to up to date news in the global  industry regarding latest trends, runway updates, and up-and-coming events.

Fashion Elite brings you easy access to articles and accomplishments regarding models, designers, agents, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists. 

All groups mentioned above play a paramount role in making the fashion industry a multi-billion-dollar business. 

• Fashion Elite has a few avenues with which to work with you. We promote articles of leading fashion magazines around the globe. Doing so increases their readership by listing with their endorsements key articles from the magazines with their full credits.  Additionally, Fashion Elite serves as a resource for which fashion magazines can spread their wings.  With a more broadened wingspan, comes an allowance for a much larger reader base on the magazines’ behalf.  This is advantageous for all parties, including you, as it will allow you to be a better-informed fashion extraordinaire. 

• FE’s PUBLICITY is always a factor to having your image in the public’s eye with good intentions

• Fashion Elite’s counterpart “FE” plays a part in providing globally recorded video interviews to be seen on this site, and on YouTube.  These recorded video interviews involve skilled and talented FE STAFF and fashion icons such as elite models, designers, videographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists either on the job, behind the scenes, on the red carpet, or during leisure time. 

• Fashion Elite assists in establishing renown and aspiring designers, models, agents, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists, a location on FE’s site to display their profiles, so both identities in the fashion industry and fans can keep up to date with the latest entries, and the renown favorites and icons of the past.  FE provides a clean harbor to display bios, photos, accomplishments, and posts about the latest news and events. 

 Our promotional services and advertisements are directed to and are for the skilled individuals working within the fashion industry.

• Fashion Elite is here to provide a home for the many thousands of fans, so they can have a platform called, “Fans Section”.  It is here where the fans can establish a closer connection to the most sophisticated crafts personnel who cater to the globes’ most…Fashion Elite. 

All of us at FE, Fashion Elite welcome you.